Pricing Guide

Here is the skinny on what it takes to get those rentals at your event! 

Having a rental collection as unique and vast as Amaranth + Artifact’s is no small feat. We search online auctions, scour antique stores, reupholster out of date pieces and bid on designer looks. All that work so we can provide quality furnishings and decor for our clients and their fantastical events. So when it comes to price you can see how it might be tricky to simply answer “What will it cost?” Here is our guide to help you gauge our prices.

On average our client orders will range from $1500-$2000.

Rental total minimum for delivery is $500. Will call/pickup minimum is $200

On our rental proposal you will find five components that makeup our pricing. 

  • Rental Rates
  • Staging Fee
  • Maintenance Fee
  • Delivery Fee
  • Sales tax


As mentioned above our rental items are unique and outstanding quality so pricing varies from piece to piece. But here are some general guidelines.

  • Full Lounge (Seats 6-7): $700 and up

  • Simplicity Lounges: $400-$500

  • Sofas: $200-$300

  • Lounge Chairs: $25-$65

  • Dining chairs: $10-$15

  • Bars: $100-$200

  • Dining Tables: $60-$110

  • Consoles: $65-$100

  • Shelving: $65-$150

  • Architectural items (Arbors, walls, backdrops, screens Ect.) $200-$600

  • Games: $20-$50

  • Smalls (Pillows, Poufs, Lanterns, ect) $5-$20


What you see is the beautiful linen lounge sitting perfectly in the corner adorned with lit lanterns and open seating just waiting for your guests to plop down with a cocktail and enjoy the space. Behind the scenes this is what happens:

  • print order pack list,
  • arrange A+A staff to pull each rental item off the shelf,
  • check list twice,
  • load up box truck & tool kits,
  • drive to delivery location,
  • unload rentals & check with coordinator of event,
  • stage rentals in designated areas, style & light candles,
  • return at 11pm or next day to clean off rentals and load back on truck,
  • drive back to A+A warehouse & unload rentals at staging dock,
  • review, process, clean rentals, and
  • re-shelve rentals back to their place.

As you can see we don’t just deliver & pick-up. This fee varies based on number of rentals, size of rentals, weight of rentals, size of order, venue access, styling details, & event design details. 

The staging fee starts around $100 and goes up. 


You will find this fee at the bottom of every proposal. But what is it? Our rentals get used and abused by our clients in the very best of ways. We apply a 10% fee to cover normal wear and tear to the rentals while in your possession. 

Wear and tear like small spills on a carpet, bread crumbs on cushions, smeared cake on a dining table, dried beer stank on the bar, sand in the rug, we could go on but you get the idea. Minor clean-up maintenance from being in use during your event.

 The Maintenance waiver does not cover gross negligence or damages to items while in your possession. Damages such as pieces not being protected from inclement weather, a broken chair or table, major wine/juice spills or anything that would cause a piece to need extensive repair, cleaning or a full replacement. 


Getting your rentals from the warehouse to the event location requires trucks, trailers, gas & road time. This fee depends on rental load & size, distance from our warehouse located in point harbor and how long it may takes us to make that delivery. 

The average delivery fee starts around $100. 


The state of North Carolina and Dare county governments require us to charge sales tax on all items and services provided to our clients. Currently (Year 2020) our North Carolina sales tax is 4.75% and the Dare county sales tax is 2%. These amounts total to 6.75%. We are required to collect and pay the state and county 6.75% of every order we receive.

Ready to get started on a proposal full of rentals? 

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Not sure where to start, what you need or what to pair together? We offer design services that will put together our rentals in a perfect package catered just to your style. CLICK HERE to get A+A started on your rental designs.

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