Event Rentals


Jessie Shepherd, Amaranth + Artifact boss lady, has been hunting down vintage goods for most of her life. As a child, Jessie tagged along with her mother to estate sales and flea markets to find unique pieces for their family home. Those early days of flea market adventuring gave her a taste of how thrilling the hunt for eclectic furnishings and launched her into the world of curation and event planning. As an adult, Jessie is still uncovering dusty treasures, restoring them to their former glory, and bringing them into the homes of Outer Banks residents with an affinity for that vintage flair. Jessie seeks unique and quality vintage furnishings all over the United States. Each piece that is added to Amaranth + Artifact’s curated collection is given its own unique name, added to the rental family, and prepared to bring a little bit of vintage flair to each event.

Creating an inventory of one of a kind vintage pieces allows Amaranth + Artifact to build a vision for each unique event and see it through from start to finish. Amaranth + Artifact offers many custom-built and hand-crafted items for rent. These unique pieces include backdrops, ceiling installations, tables, seating charts, and much, much more.

While most of Amaranth + Artifact rentals are true one-of-a-kind, vintage pieces, A+A offers furnishings with a modern design for rental that could be straight out of the show room. A mix of unique, vintage furnishings and sleek, modern pieces make Amaranth + Artifact’s curated collection a stand-out, one stop shop for event rentals.


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